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Crowd Pleaser (Guatamala Huehuetenango La Morena)

Crowd Pleaser (Guatamala Huehuetenango La Morena)


There is a reason Guatamalan coffees are considered the gateway into the world of speciality coffee. They are full enough of flavor to make you realize what you miss by drinking big chain coffee but not so quirky to turn the change into a culture shock. You really can't go wrong with this one.

Huehuetenango is the highest and driest of Guatamala's non-volcanic regions.


The La Morena  program is a premium offering that stems from Huehuetenango regio. With a vision to empower female coffee growers and address gender inequality in the industry, this coffee blend represents a powerful combination of exceptional taste and social impact.

From its humble beginnings in 2016, the La Morena program has flourished, working alongside over 800 women farmers across the renowned coffee-growing regions of Huehuetenango and Baja Verapaz. What started as a small micro-lot of about 2,000 lbs of coffee has transformed into a platform that is making a significant difference in the lives of these women.

Crafted with care, La Morena represents the culmination of the hard work, dedication, and expertise of these female farmers. Every sip tells a story of resilience, equality, and empowerment. The beans are carefully selected, handpicked, and processed to ensure the highest quality and distinct flavors.


This specialty coffee blend captivates the senses with its rich aroma, vibrant notes, and well-balanced profile. Each batch undergoes a meticulous roasting process, allowing the flavors to develop fully and deliver an exceptional coffee experience. From the first sip to the last, La Morena Roasted Coffee promises to delight coffee enthusiasts with its smooth body, nuanced flavors, and a satisfying finish.

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  • Product Info

    Altitude: 2000 masl

    Process: wet-processed

    Body: Medium

    Acidity: Low